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Different profiles, common values

At DMSTI - Desarrollo de Medios y Sistemas - we like people. Your initiatives are the main driving force of our company. If you are passionate about New Information Technologies, this is where you belong. You will find professional opportunities in the Technology Sector that meet your specific needs.

The primary focus of our services is to help our clients become high-performance technology companies, improve their IT management and create value.

At DMSTI we seek talent. We believe that our future depends on the talent of each and every one of our professionals and on how we provide the conditions and resources to develop that capacity personal and professionally.

Our greatest objective is value creation and exceptional performance, for which we seek different profiles with a set of common values:

  • ¡If you are a professional or a new college graduate with ambition, a passion for New Technologies, with a good working capacity and high values...
  • If you feel identified with our Corporate Code of Ethics...
  • If you hold a spirit of collaboration and enjoy working with people from different backgrounds, with different worldviews and priorities...
  • If you feel you can contribute, make a difference, create a real impact: turn your passion into action...
  • If you feel you engage in the problems of clients in a project in which you work in, understand them, try to improve them...
  • If you are capable of persuading others with empathy, if you consider that leadership is not linked to hierarchy or experience...

If you have all these and even more qualities to offer, we would like to know from you. Check our job vacancies in our Employment Opportunities. If you are shortlisted we will ask you to visit us to begin the Process of Selection. This usually entails a series of interviews, technical tests depending on your area of expertise and role-plays for particular positions.

C/ Zurbano, 76 - 2ª planta - 28010 Madrid
T:(+34) 915 916 950

Centro Empresarial Torres de Lisboa - Rua Tomás da Fonseca Torre G -.1º Piso, Regus - Gab. 120
1600-209 Lisboa
T:(+351) 217230620 Fax: (+351) 217230675

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