Stand at the core of who we are, what we do and what we wish to achieve. They are the criteria we use to judge our actions and our progress

Exceptional performance arises naturally from our disciplined approach. It is exercised with a determined leadership and a focus on our constant will to improve. We provide highly specialized skills, deep understanding of technological project management and ongoing improvement of services in demand. Exceptional performance occurs by exceeding the expectations of clients.

We honour our promises and our commitment to integrity. We strive to maintain the highest professional and ethical standards. This strong sense of commitment is essential to maintain the trust and credibility of all of our stakeholders: clients, employees, shareholders, business community and other interest groups.

We take great care to boost our technological capabilities and that of our clients by advancing technological programs focused on integrating R&D. DMSTI is constantly increasing its investment on innovation, which always revolves around the client and how to make it improve its productivity.

We treat our clients, employees and others with whom we interact professionally with respect, dignity, fairness, courtesy and tolerance.

We help our clients solve strategic and operating IT challenges rendering added value to the company. We consider relationships to be long term interactions helping our clients to become high-performance institutions.

Our Corporate Code of Ethics builds on our Values. It inspires an ethical and responsible decision-making.

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C/ Zurbano, 76 - 2ª planta - 28010 Madrid
T:(+34) 915 916 950

Edifício Atrium Saldanha - Praça Duque de Saldanha, nº 1 - 3º Piso, Escritório 300
1050-094 Lisboa
T:(+351) 213 520 499

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